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Professional Anesthesia Staffing Services


At MAC Solutions, our core values are honesty, respect and mutual collaboration. We believe in disrupting the current CRNA business model by bringing transparency and integrity to the staffing process. Our aim is to create a culture where our contractors feel valued, supported and have a real voice in the projects we undertake. We understand the challenges that come with staffing in this industry, and we work hard to create win-win solutions that benefit our clients and contractors alike.



MAC Solutions aims to disrupt the current CRNA business model to Create a Culture of Honesty, Respect, and Mutual Collaboration with our Contractors.


Our goal is to provide our Clients with Highly Skilled Local Providers and Personalized Responsive Service, without the excessive premiums charged by larger staffing companies.


We envision a work environment where our CRNAs benefit from competitive compensation & profit-sharing opportunities. Ensuring long lasting provider relationships while providing consistent and reliable service to our clients.



We are Nurses First, accordingly we put the needs of Patients and the needs of the Healthcare System as our main Priorities.

We match experienced quality providers with clients seeking talented practitioners to provide anesthesia services.

Through direct referral and recruitment of CRNA's, MAC Solutions partners with Connecticut Businesses to fulfill staffing needs and ensure patients receive expert anesthesia care.

Make a Difference with MAC Solutions.

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